Accept orders for pickup or delivery, take dinner reservations, book hair appointments, and more – all without a phone call. Get paid by a single customer or group of customers simultaneously, all within the SMS conversation. Know how customers feel about your product or service in real-time and provide them with a more personal way to answer questions that come up. No carrier billing. Just 2.9% + 30c per transaction to receive payments. Sending payments is always free. Accepting payment from your customers has never been easier. Smart phone or not, customers can chat with you via SMS, and complete transactions by simply texting the payment amount to your Rhombus number. Your customers can securely link their debit cards to Rhombus; our bank-grade security keeps their information safe. You can easily respond to support questions, sales inquiries, schedule appointments, or take orders from the messaging dashboard. Your customers will receive your responses as a text message. We’ve built the best way to provide your customers with a more personal way to answer any questions that come up. Get full access to customer & transactional data, showing you who your customers are, how often they visit, as well as a detailed breakdown of your bottom-line. Paying with Rhombus is safer than debit cards or checks. We encrypt and tokenize your payment information so no one can have access to it. You will never have to give out sensitive information to businesses.

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