Flow XO

Flow XO – Build, host & manage bots in one platform Build, host & manage bots in one platform We host, manage & scale your bots Push content to your readers right within their favorite messaging app. Plugs into any existing RSS feed (including most blog platforms). Send promotions, offers, alerts and updates direct to your users*. Save on messaging costs, compared to SMS and email. Perfect for application forms, bookings, competitions & more. Send responses to any integrated service, or send via webhook. Easily access data in 90+ integrated applications and services. Make HTTP requests to your own applications or any other web service. Bookings, updates, appointment reminders & collection alerts. Quotes, applications, case updates, calculators & information. Internal tools, employee relations, automation, recruitment & reporting. Competitions, viral marketing, events, product launches & coupons. All the power, flexibility and ease of use of Flow XO is available to everyone. Start on our free plan and scale up as you grow. Start for free By using this website you accept our use of cookies. A global business, based in the United Kingdom. Registered in England & Wales number 09192721.

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