Glip gives you that time back by providing built-in chat, tasks, calendar, file sharing, video conferencing, among other tools. * We’re not kidding The number is drawn from a study done at MIT. With apps increasingly moving to the cloud, you have to juggle six to seven of them just to get your basic work done: email, calendar, tasks, chat, video conferencing, file sharing, & social. “We’ve tried a ton of tools over the years to try and change how people interact with their jobs,” Sparks said. “If something isn’t fun, or isn’t powerful, then people won’t do it. Glip pretty much checks both those boxes for us. Glip is enabling our organization to easily operate as a cohesive unit. Without sacrificing features, the intuitive design is critical in our startup environment. Glip has helped me better manage the team remotely and still preserves the culture and stay on the same page. We’re a digital marketing agency and Glip has revolutionised the way we run our production studio. We’ve been using it since June and have found it’s greatly increased our productivity & improved our internal communication.

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