We believe that customer empathy should spread like wildfire throughout your company. Beyond just your support team…your product team, revenue team, founding team, sales team, and more all need to keep the customer at the core of their daily decision-making. By importing data from Stripe and other apps, we are able to build rich customer profiles without any engineering effort from your team. However, HookFeed becomes even more powerful when you send customer behavior data (from your product) to us through our API. Leverage the data we’ve collected to filter and sort your customers down to specific groups. Then, view how your metrics vary across these different segments. Get creative! Compare all kinds of criteria to see how things like churn rates and average LTVs are affected. HookFeed automatically moves customers through your funnel in real-time based on changes in Stripe. Every time you log in, you’re seeing a live snapshot of your post-sale customer funnel. See which customers come out of trial today, rescue at-risk customers before their credit cards expire, and more! Unlock the secrets behind your growth/churn by viewing metrics in context of customer segments that are specific to your business. The result is 100% customizable insights that can be trajectory-changing. It empowers your team to make informed decisions that aren’t possible when you’re working from a typical/generic dashboard. Keep your whole team in-sync, no matter which tools they use. It’s much easier, and more fun, to focus on making customers happy, than attempting to rescue upset customers. We know HookFeed isn’t the only app your team uses to run your company. By integrating with Help Desks and other apps, we can spread the data we collect to the places where it’s most useful. The history of a customer’s relationship with your company shouldn’t be locked down, and shouldn’t be spread across 5+ different tools. It needs to be available to the entire team, and easily accessible throughout the different phases of a customer relationship. Filter & sort customers based on hundreds of data points from Stripe, Customer/Company Research, and usage data from your own product. Sales Filter customers by the sales rep who introduced them to the product initially. Track metrics like Churn Cohorts across sales reps. “This is one of the things I’ve been hoping someone would build since we launched.” k John Collison, Stripe “I recovered over $1,200 in past-due payments the DAY I signed up!” k Colin Nederkoorn, Customer.io Decrease response time to critical issues by routing instant alerts like failed or disputed payments to the correct people on your team. Integrate HookFeed with your Help Desk Software to view customer purchase history, lifetime value, and more alongside your support conversations. “I tried different tools to find the right fit, and HookFeed’s metrics proved to be the most accurate.” k Murat Mutlu, Marvel “HookFeed is more than just metrics and raw data, it provides deep customer insights.” k Walter Chen, iDoneThis Sales Identify which sales reps acquire customers with the highest lifetime value, and how that changes over-time. Keep your whole team (or just key stakeholders) in the loop on the health of your business with daily digests. Our team’s job is to help your company build stronger bonds with your customers, and make more money helping them be successful. Only so much of this can be automated. Even though we’ve been around for years, and have hundreds of companies relying on HookFeed, we still invite new customers in small batches. We’ll work closely with your team and ensure you get the most out of our product. Hop on our email list and we’ll keep you in the loop on major improvements. We promise to respect your inbox.

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