Kill Bill

Kill Bill is a platform for subscription billing and payments integration. Its plug-in architecture allows you to easily apply custom logic and integrate with third party systems. Because it is open source software, you can see exactly what the system does. You can even download the system and run it on your laptop. You and every other Kill Bill user can check it for accuracy and security flaws. Your customer’s data belongs to you. You can run Kill Bill anywhere and therefore access the most up to date data at any time. You can also easily validate catalog, configuration or code change by spinning a new instance. Reports become easy and test sandbox nightmares go away. Kill Bill helps you grow your business by scaling your billing and payment infrastructure. It provides analytics and financial reports to make sure you remain compliant. By owning your most precious data, and relying on its open architecture, you are in control and avoid vendor lock-in. Kill Bill is an open source project that was started in 2010. Its mission is to offer a robust and flexible platform for billing and payments. Since then, it has matured and is now used by small and large companies.

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