Plasso makes accepting and making payments quick & easy. Pay for things. Get paid for things. Buy things. Sell things. Start accepting payments instantly with Plasso. You can setup product pages called ‘Spaces’ if you’ll be selling digital or physical goods/services. Send invoices directly to others. You’ll even get your own ‘Pay Me’ page anyone can visit to send you money at anytime. Anytime someone purchases your products or you receive a payment you’ll be able to manage those payments and customers from within Plasso. You can issue refunds, collect additional data at checkout and view all customer and client transaction history. Plasso makes selling things super easy. You don’t need to know or write any code to get setup. The nuts and bolts of recurring payments (subscriptions) and one-time payments are all handled for you. You’ll be ready to start making money in just a few clicks! When you sign up with Plasso you’ll get your own ‘Pay Me’ page automatically, no setup or configuration required. If you want someone to pay you, simply send them your Pay Me link and they’ll be able to pay you using their credit card. There is no additional transaction charge for ‘Pay Me’ payments, they’re fee free! (limited to 15 transactions per month) Turn your idea into a real business with Plasso. Selling your physical or digital products couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to setup a ‘store’, every product you create get it’s own dedicated payment page, called a Space, that you can link to from your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc. Or use Plasso Embeds to put the payment form directly in your own existing web pages; you’ll just need to paste a small snippet of code into your HTML. Plasso is built to handle all types of payments: One-Time payments, Recurring payments, Pre-Orders, Invoices, Donations and more. Plasso uses Stripe, the world’s best and most secure payment platform, to handle all transactions. Don’t have a Stripe account? No problem. You’ll be able to set one up with our 1-step sign up process. Everything on Plasso looks beautiful on both desktop and mobile. Plasso was designed for mobile and makes it easy for your customers to send you payments, view your premium content and manage their account from their mobile device. Plasso is completely retina optimized for crisp visuals on any screen. Plasso uses a HTML5 optimized player for all video & audio you upload for your customers to view. These small details will make you and your content look even better. All credit card transactions are subject to Stripe’s additional transaction fee. See why. Browse and search goods being sold on Plasso

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