PlayPylon is a new platform for desktop and mobile game marketing. For both indies and studios, we offer marketing packages at a fixed price and easy to understand. PlayPylon bridges the gap between the most interesting developers in the field, and the audiences who are crying out for exciting new experiences. Upgrade your marketing with a fully customizable affiliate campaign – start a campaign today and start making waves! Calculate my campaign offers now! You get to chose exactly what scale of budget you wish to run the campaign in, and you can even define a solid CPI, making sure that you only pay scaled with actual sales. We facilitate both client-based and backend-based solutions, enabling you to setup a PlayPylon campaign without needing to do a client update. Our SDKs and APIs are easy to implement, and we will guide you through the process step by step. We firmly believe that connection between youtubers/streamers and the developers contain solid grounding for good marketing if done right. Want to get started ? We will help you onboard with both commission calculation, lead tracking and press communication. Submit your game to us and get an offer today. Submit your game

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