Connect with multiple carriers, get discounted shipping labels, track parcels, and much more with just one integration. Stop worrying about bad addresses. We’ll always double check if you’re shipping to a real place. Access multiple carriers through just one integration. No need to install legacy code, just one modern API. Complimentary tracking and email notifications to help your customers know the status of their shipments. Speed up the process, and create multiple labels at once through our dashboard and API. Use Shippo to increase your bottom line, and save up to 60% off on shipping labels. Looking to expand to different countries? Let us handle customs and invoices so that you can focus on your business. No more patching things together. Get going right away with Shippo, one API is all you need. Mercari is an app that lets you buy or sell anything straight from mobile devices and tablets by taking a photo of the item. With Shippo, Mercari is able to offer sellers the ability to create shipping labels right in the app. By taking advantage of Shippo’s discounted rates, Mercari provides three weight-based shipping options to their sellers – making shipping decisions very simple. They are also able to manage their community-experience by automatically send buyers tracking information once the seller has mailed their package. Shippo has helped Mercari make shipping a streamlined experience for all their sellers. Shyp is an on-demand courier pick-up, and professional packaging company. Shyp uses Shippo to automatically get rates from multiple carriers, and create shipping labels at the lowest prices. Shyp accepts orders from their app, and sends shipment information directly to their fulfillment center to be processed, same-day. Weight, dimensions, and other information about the item are then sent to the Shippo API and a shipping label is generated. Shippo helps power Shyp by providing them with a way to automatically generate discounted shipping labels. Memebox is the Korean makeup and skincare e-commerce store. Memebox uses Shippo to look up rates, and purchase shipping labels. Memebox connects to Shippo through the Magento integration. With a simple add-on, Memebox’s entire Magento order book is synced with Shippo’s dashboard. The operations team can create shipping labels, track shipments, and manage parcels all from one place. Shippo helps power hundreds of products sent by Memebox every day. GoDaddy lets you host, build, and run your own online store from one platform. Shippo is GoDaddy’s official shipping partner, providing merchants with a simple dashboard for creating, tracking, and managing their shipments. GoDaddy connects to the Shippo API through an order endpoint, and syncs all store orders directly to the Shippo app. In a click of a button, merchants are able to automatically create their own Shippo account, pre-populated with all their GoDaddy orders. Merchants can then use the Shippo dashboard to select and purchase shipping labels. Shippo provides GoDaddy merchants with an simple, automated shipping process. Black Milk Clothing makes awesome printed leggings, swims, tops and skirts from a little design studio in Brisbane, Australia. Black Milk Clothing decided to use Shippo for their US launch, because our simple integration reduced their time to market. Black Milk Clothing uses the Shippo API to validate end-customer addresses and generate shipping labels. Then the label is routed to the correct printing endpoint in the warehouse to be packed with the order. Since end-customers pay a flat shipping fee, the ability for Black Milk Clothing to tap into Shippo’s highly discounted USPS rates is important for their margins. Shippo is a core part of Black Milk Clothing’s US shipping process.

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