BehavioSec is featured in the May issue of Wired UK, The market for our safety Every year, our technology helps more than a billion transactions stay secure. We’re endorsed by DARPA and Google, and trusted by banks. Read » Behavioral Biometrics and the Future of Defense This week, Pentagon CIO Terry Halvorsen announced a two-year plan for the US Department of Defense to replace some functions of the Common Access Card with biometric authentication systems such as iris scans and behavioral analytics. They will focus on using these technologies for network access, along with creating ways to standardize this access among […] We believe that great user experiences should never come with a security risk. BehavioSec has created the new model for strong, multilayered customer security. Now you can can stop fraud, prevent attacks, and verify your customers — all without slowing them down. We call it behavioral biometrics, and it uses continuous machine learning to authenticate users based, not on what they do, but on how they do it. Uses continuous authentication to make sure user accounts are always in the right hands Behavioral biometrics lets you register anomalies in real time, so you can take action before bad actors do Adapts to your customers’ natural behavior to provide a layer of security that keeps experiences seamless

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