Fastest way to build user management with payments, email, and social. UserApp provides you with user management functionality that results in faster development, faster revenue, more users, and the ability to serve your users better by engaging with them more efficiently. “Using UserApp now for my mobile app user management solution. Love it so far.” — Heath Corbin, @hcorbin “Learning AngularJS and found UserApp – User authentication for developers, I am in love.” — Tom Jessessky, @tomjessessky “The customer support from UserApp is phenomenal!! Quick responses with answers to all my questions! Very helpful!!” — Ryan DeBoer, @deboer15 “Just made a script in 15 min to use the UserApp API to log in a user…gotta love a clear, easy to use API (and docs!)” — Chris Cornutt, @enygma “Started using UserApp because I’d rather focus on my app than on user management.” — Márton Mészáros, @vsbmeza “Saved me a TON of time to not have to worry about user authentication. Great idea.” — Lamonte Garrett, GSO Technology “~10 minutes after receiving an internal error on UserApp, I received an email from an engineer on their team saying it was fixed. Solid.” — Tom Milewski, @tmilewski “Thanks for the great app, saved me a huge amount of time!” — Franklin Good, @franklingood Have your user authentication ready today. You’re just a few lines of code away with one of our SDKs. Sign up new users, build login and handle forgot password requests. Store relevant information about your users. Use the default fields or create your own properties. Allow or deny users to perform certain tasks or features in your application. Get started free today → No credit card required. Integrate your users with third-party services with just one click. Integrate with payment providers such as Stripe without writing any code. Make your app social by connecting to social networks within minutes. 1-click integration with services such as SendGrid, Customer.io, and MailChimp. Get started free today → No credit card required. No matter where you need to integrate your user authentication, we got you covered. We have SDKs for AngularJS, Ember.js, Python, Android, and a lot more – integration is just a few steps away. Leave whenever you want. With a simple click you can download all your data as JSON. API calls return within 50-200ms and relies on a redundant architecture with regular backups. With SSL-only and strong hashing of passwords using bcrypt, your data is safe with us. Sign up for free. No credit card required. Cancel anytime. Need more than 5 million API calls? Then contact us at sales@userapp.io for a quote.

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